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Welcome to Mah's Homepage.

Mah is an inter-disciplinary artist.  His formal degrees include a B.E.S in computer science and art from Saint Cloud State University; a B.A. in visual art from Winona State University; and an M.A. in painting and an M.F.A. in Inter-Media Art from University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.  He has worked with IBM, US-Robotics, 3COM, Krakatua Advertising and other corporations and universities, and has work experience in the areas of software engineering, computer networking, multimedia production, web technology, graphic design, new media interactivity, and stereo vision. Mah started his career as a traditionally trained mural artist. He has painted many large murals of oceans and forests, some of which adorn the National Science Center of Malaysia, Mah continues to blend his artistry and technical skills together to create scenes that interface with people’s well-being.

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