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Sight Project

Exploring and redefining optical vision has become a major focus in my current artistic works. The Sight Project, is comprised of a series of binocular images. Its emphasis is on ‘how to see’ instead of ‘what to see.’ This work focuses on the experience of the image processing capability of our brain which is often at odds with what we believe to see with our eyes. One of these works, Runners, utilizes the required distance that is needed for optical binocular capability. This sculpts the audience’s experiences. When standing five feet away, the composed image appears as an empty cage but standing a foot away, the image becomes a cage containing both a running man and cheetah. The Sight Project promotes a more interactive approach with the audience. The images and meanings change in direct relationship with the audience’s optical view of the artworks. Art is not just what the artist sees, but what the artist makes others see.

Visual Languages
stereo mirror installation

Eastern vs Western
stereo mirror installation


stereo mirror installation